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With this blog, my aim is to post a slather of ideas, lines, colour and inevitably a little bit of babble. I would like it to be a place where Architecture meets Art, falls in love and procreates. This is my passion, brilliant, unguarded and unafraid.

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Green Man - Inspired by Mikey Brauer


Dundee Bus Station (Cafe Characters)


Mr Grey + The Silvery Tay

Over the summer I'll be spending time in and around Fife and Dundee with my sketchbook. The following sketches are of a fish + chip + church combo as well as a man with an amazing nose!

Silvery Tay, Newport on Tay, ScotlandCharacter - Tesco Dunee


The Haar

Good Morning from my Earth Ship,

A wise person once said to me that in a creative life there will constantly be peaks and troughs. I'm pretty sure this is true for life, creative or otherwise. I'm currently experiening a low. It's a low kind of low, where not much seems to make sense. It is familiar territory that I've walked through before, and I know it will pass but it is a challenge to sit with. I can only describe it as a fog, or as the Scottish say, the haar. A temporary white out that feels chlostrophobic and blinding. This kind of feeling comes from a variety of sources, in my case it's most often experienced after an intense outporing of productive creativity. In other words I'm emotionally and physically spent.

Actions to ride through the Haar:

1. Non action - general stillness - listening - breathing - walking

2. Housekeeping (the creative kind.. blogging, purging of excess drawings and organising of studio space)

3. Consolidating materials & buying new ones  

4. Drawing. Anything. 

5. Sharing and reaching out. Even by writing this post there is a thinning out of the fog. 


Thanks for listening.



It's been a while since I've updated this blog as life has taken me on many adventures in the last 6 months. SO I'm now living in a small country village in Scotland which is a long shot from the comfortable familiarity of Brisbane's gritty urbanity! 

More on that in a bit.. 

For now I'm pointing you in the direction of drawings from travels through India in July 2014. 

India is AMAZING and I can't wait for the next trip. The Itinirary went Calcutta-Varanasi-Agra-Delhi.

View of life on the Ganges, Varanasi, IndiaTaj Mahal seen from the Saniya Palace Hotel, Agra India


Stanley Street, South Brisbane 


Stanley Street, South Brisbane 15th February 2014This junction is a fascinating one. There are many architectural layers contributing to the unique character of Woolloongabba. The Mater Children's Hospital that is currently under construction has seen a lot of activity in the area. Given Brisbane's stunning history of development, construction and destruction, I have my eye on this particular street and it's architectural treasures that include the Morrison Hotel, the Clarence Corner and the junction of Staney Street and Annerley Road flanked by rows of beautiful terraced retail buildings. 

I was drawing this scene from the bike ramp that travels alongside the M3 Motoway heading into Brisbane City from the south side. One of the things I like best about urban sketching is the way people stop to look at the scene I'm drawing. It seems to engage curiosity and encourage people to take a moment as just look. Some even stop for a chat. I spoke to a man about the old Morrison Hotel and he told me that it used to be the local watering hole for the workers at the Atkinson McDonald Saw Mill which was located just to the right of the pub... great! 



First life drawings for the year exploring form.




Memory drawing

Memory drawing, Alice St, Brisbane. Charcoal on paper. Emily Fong 2013


Time | Between | Watching

Fascinated by places in transition, without program, for a moment. Sites of de-construction, tracing composition undone.. de-composition. Tension held between the scafold. Values | Own-er...ship | Order | Nomadic | Freeeeedom. Living 'til we're not. Watch what?









i see you.


QUT ZBlock Demolition 2013, Sketch, Emily Fong

Alice Street Sketch, Brisbane, Emily Fong 2013

Alice Street Sketch, Brisbane, Emily Fong 2013Alice Street Sketch, Brisbane, Emily Fong 2013


under the surface of you i found a part of me

The following drawings are exploring the body, landscape, surface, emotion and movement. All themes which excite and inspire me no end. It has been a while since I have drawn in charcoal and I must say.. it is such a beautiful and tactile media. By the way, thanks for visiting my sketchblog! Emily x

Emily Fong 2013, charcoal and ink on paperEmily Fong 2013, charcoal on paperEmily Fong 2013, charcoal on paperEmily Fong 2013, charcoal on paper