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Residency : The Museum of Loss and Renewal : June 2018

The Museum of Loss and Renewal

June 15-30th, 2018

Collemachia, Molise, Italy

Part-Funded Residency, nurtured and curated by Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen. It offers space, time and contexts for making and sharing, with a focus on the challenges we face in our individual and social lives.

How my work relates to The Museum of Loss and renewal?

My work currently investigates containment: the body as container and the container as body. Studying and observing humanity in the inanimate intrigues me. How can the language of objects be used in new ways to understand the embodiment of human existence? We make objects to contain; we create boxes to fit into and labels to make us more palatable, but what if I exist outside of these grids whilst also being imprisoned by them? Is there a path to freedom through play?  These questions I ask because, even if I am studying a plastic bag or an egg carton, it will always refer back to my own questioning of identity and belonging as an intersectional woman and a global citizen. The media I use to explore these questions varies from the timeless to the trashy. I draw, collect, sew, cast, paint, sculpt, write and try to document the lines of sight between all of these iterations of thought.

My manifesto lies somewhere between the triangle of a surgeons’ museum, the supermarket and a botanists’ glasshouse. Below are some detached thoughts that relate my work to The Museum of Loss and Renewal.

Shell. Packaging. Protection. Labeling. Storage. Transport. Vessel. Suspension. Prolonging life. Long life. Loss of Life. Consume. Recycling. Material. Nets. Layers. Space. Personal. Public. Void. The fold. Negative space. Casting. To contain. Architectures. Skin. Porosity. Clothing. Fabric. Fabricate. Mend. Gather. Collect. Collection. Find. Keep. Treasure. Trash. Body. Body as container. Container as body. Production. Process. Documentary. Witness. Listening. Recording. Record. Time. Gravity. Connection. Ocean. Water. Float. Flooding. Inundation. Blood. Contain. Flow. Dripping. Ripen. Ridges. Retention. Hung. Dry. Preservation. Stretch. Wrinkle. Warp. Wrestle. Weight. Wait. Rot. Re-trace. 


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