Studio Portrait 2018, by Sinclair Cunningham Photography

Emily Fong is an Australian artist living and working in Scotland.

Her work is all about life and her art practice investigates containment: the body as container and the container as body. Observing humanity in the inanimate intrigues her. Can the language of objects be used in new ways to understand the embodiment of human existence? We create boxes to fit into and labels to make us more palatable. What if we exist outside of these moulds whilst also being imprisoned by them? Is there a path to freedom through play?  Whether she is studying a cabbage or an egg carton, it always refers back to her own questioning of identity and belonging as an intersectional woman. The media she uses to explore these questions varies from the timeless to the trashy. She draws, collects, sews, casts, paints, sculpts and writes; documenting the lines of sight between all of these iterations of thought.

Her work reflects a diverse and dissected process and lies somewhere between the triangle of a surgeons’ museum, The Supermarket and a botanists’ glasshouse. 

Banana for Scale: New Works by Emily Fong held at DOK Artist Space, Edinburgh, was her first solo show in the UK in 2016, since undertaking studies in Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia and the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee between 2013-2015. Emily has a bachelor of design (Architectural Studies) from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

Emily's passion for learning and teaching is evidenced by her consistent practice of bringing people together to draw. She currently hosts a weekly life drawing session in her living room in Fife for local artistis in the area.  She has an inspiring history of teaching drawing for art and design which began during and after her Architectural Studies at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Emily was more recently a Life Drawing tutor with ACES at the University of Dundee.  In 2012 Emily created the Urban Art Binge (UAB), a collaborative project alongside artist and friend, Joannah Underhill. UAB is an Artist-Run-Initiative created with the aim of providing a platform for accessing creative inspiration in everyday life for everybody. To learn about the legacy of UAB visit 

In June of this year, Emily paricipated in an artist residency at The Museum of Loss and Renewal in Collemacchia, Molise, Italy. If you would like to learn more about TMOLAR and the wonderful roaming art practice of Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen, you can find them at and /



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