The studio as kitchen is an inner layer of personal domestic space where cultures, ideas, flavors and colours cross boundaries to coexist in infinite arrangements. In this space, ideas and observations of the world are not restricted by media, but strengthened by a deep respect for process, intuition and risk. The playful notion of contextual repositioning of objects and ideas brings forth fruitful reinterpretations and transpositions of meaning.

   Using the banana as a vehicle of enquiry, Emily’s current and ongoing body of work is brought together through a rigorous exploration of the container and what it means to be contained. Primarily, containment as human embodied experience, the physicality and temporality of the skins we live in. Secondly, skin as a layer of consumer culture and the masterful techniques of the marketing machine. Lastly, containment as the physical layers of constructing objects, the poetry of the casting process. All works have been created in a non-linear nature, mirroring themselves in different media to give voice to the possibilities of play.

   Yellow on the outside and white on the inside is one way to describe a banana. This is also one element of Emily’s cultural identity as third generation Australian born Chinese. Being called a banana as a child had certain negative connotations, which as an artist Emily now enjoys reclaiming. Like a tropical plant in a foreign land there is certain magic to this contextual repositioning. A banana is perfect in that it needs no container other than itself. The banana plant has been taken on a journey from installation, drawing, painting, printing and bone china/resin cast sculptures. Who knows what trajectory the banana plant will take in the future. All that is certain is that it will be beautiful.

   Emily is an Australian artist living and working in Scotland. Banana for Scale: New Works by Emily Fong was her first solo show in the UK in 2016 since undertaking studies in Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia and the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee between 2013-2015. Emily has a bachelor of design (Architectural Studies) from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

   Drawing is the core foundation of Emily's work and as such her shetchbooks are an open and transparent resource. Emily taught drawing for design at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane between 2011-2014 and Life Drawing with ACES at the University of Dundee between 2015-2016.  In 2012 Emily created the Urban Art Binge (UAB), a collaborative project alongside artist and friend, Joannah Underhill. UAB is an Artist-Run-Initiative created with the aim of providing a platform for accessing creative inspiration in everyday life for everybody. To this end, UAB is currently runs workshops inspired by the urban and natural environment, that document the idea of 'place'. The workshops seek to connect, teach and build your essential skills around drawing while also strengthening the voice of vibrant, creative communities. Initially established in Brisbane, Australia, in 2012, As of 2016 The Urban Art Binge is now hosting workshops and events mainly throughout Scotland, UK. 

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View the world with an open spirit, share your discoveries generously, and draw your dreams in colour.