Studio Portrait 2018, by Sinclair Cunningham Photography

Emily Fong Visual Artist

Passionate about interconnectivity and the structures of life itself, Emily is an artist on an active search for beauty and equilibrium. Her artistic practice is underpinned by the observation and communication of the life cycles of living things; growth, mortality and change from the micro to the macro. Through the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture and writing, she seeks to examine the embodiment of emotion and the experience of living in a human  container with the aim of highlighting our similarities not only to one another but also to other species that occupy the same planet. What are we made of? How are we structurally and emotionally connected beneath the skin? Her intuition is that by going deep inside life, turning inside out, she might discover new was of observing and re-configuring the outside. Emily has a Bachelor of Design (Architectural Studies) from The Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, and is currently working as Artist-in-Residence at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is exploring art-science collaboration as a model for public engagement, training to observe the world at a microscopic scale and developing methods of using her practice to amplify the beauty and significance of the tiniest encounter.

Emily is a passionate and experienced art/design educator both at university level and within her arts practice in Scotland, UK. Currently she hosts an evening life drawing session fortnightly from her studio in Fife. 

In June 2018 Emily took up a fertile period of residency at The Museum of Loss and Renewal in Collemacchia, Italy, and is delighted to be returning in August 2019 to participate in the guided group residency, PLACE, PEOPLE and TIME : publishing as an artistic practice.  


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