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With this blog, my aim is to post a slather of ideas, lines, colour and inevitably a little bit of babble. I would like it to be a place where Architecture meets Art, falls in love and procreates. This is my passion, brilliant, unguarded and unafraid.

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Camping at Cooloola

I've just had the pleasure of spending 5 days camping at Teewah Beach, Cooloola, with some very lovely people. Drawings can be found under landscapes, sketches under cooloola and photos here. Thanks again guys + dolls


Sketching Fort Lytton



Drawing Avatars 

This year my bread and butter is coming from teaching architectural visualisation to first year students. I love it! These are their avatars.. a fun exercise to loosen up the hand and have a laugh. 

Warm + Cool

I found some old colour studies I'd done years back which played around the idea of warm colours advancing and cool ones receding. This is just a quick study but the theory works quite well. The subjects are some friends enjoying summer on the terrace. The medium is gauche and red ink on paper. 

Amis sur la terrace à Grenoble



Life is beautiful. One of the things that makes it so special are the people in it. I am blessed to have so many loving people in mine and I would just like to take a moment to say hi to a group of people who have and will continue to inspire me. The Cascatellians. Not exclusively those who lived in the house, but also those who populated, partied, and played in it. In a little french place called Grenoble I learnt so much. Thank you. 


Venice Ferovia meets the Australian OutbackFraming. Simplicity complementing complexity. Ferrovia Venice. Out of gas in the Australian outback with homemade wooden picture frames to entertain the wait..



I do not suggest that taking photos from your phone out the window at high speeds is a good idea.. though what beautiful landscapes we passed on the road from Mount Isa to Brisbane! This image makes me think about past, present and future. Where am I? Where am I going? From where have I come? 

on the road - Queensland, Aust


Lake Moondarra

Here in Mount Isa, Australia, watching the storm clouds gather at the lake. The scene changed every time I looked up from the page. It's a beautiful challenge trying to capture nature with pencil and paper.



Warming up the muscles 

My sister is the perfect life model.. confident, able to switch off to me drawing her, modest, positive and encouraging. So yes she rocks. What I wanted to show with this sketch is that warming up is important. Many people when embarking on a drawing expect the result to be perfect and then are discouraged when the outcome is less than. A sketch is not meant to be perfect, but rather unworked and spontaneous. Just relax, enjoy and have a laugh.

Rebecca in Grenoble, France


Blogging from the BEGINNING 

Other than my mum having the most awesome eye for assorted kids clothing.. got to love the terry toweling pants.. I've decided to start this blog from the very beginning. Maybe it's just me romanticising, but my childhood was a pretty colourful epoch.. mud and grazed knees all being part of the adventures. With this blog, my aim is to post a slather of ideas, lines, colours and inevitably a little bit of babble. I would like it to be a place where Architecture meets Art, falls in love and procreates. As this is my passion, brilliant, unguarded and unafraid. 

Emily at age 3, photo by dad.

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