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Egg Carton and Banana Compost 

Late night drawing of an egg carton containing banana and egg shell compost. 

On a trip to London last week, this installation on the kitchen table called out to me in an extreme attempt to be seen and drawn. The menacing nature of the carton upsidedown containing kitchen compost was too delicious to ignore. Objects are loud sometimes. Their will is greater than mine. On this trip I feasted on an incredible amount of art. In Paul Nash's retrospective at the Tate Britain I found the following quote:

"The more the object is studied from the point of view of its animation the more incalculable it becomes in its variations; the more subtle, also becomes the problem of assembling and associating different objects in order to create that true irrational poise which is the solution to the personal equation."

Paul Nash 'The Life of the Inanimate Object.' May 1937

I would say these words ring very true, although I would argue that in my practice, the objects are themselves inthralled in a game of self assembly, of which I am merely a spectator. 

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