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Refined and Elegant Whine

Refined and Elegant Whine : Container Study for a PaintingThis watercolour sketch is a study for a larger oil painting that I'm currently working on in the studio. At my Solo Show in Edinburgh last October I was a cheapskate and fed the punters mulled wine using very classy boxes of 'Australian Shiraz.' I love materials and I love recycling, so I've collected the empty boxes and wine bladders and have started using them as the key material in my recent sculptures. The trouble is now that I can't drink 'boxed wine' fast enough to keep up with the pace of my ideas! If there is anyone who's reading this post that shamelessly loves a glass of goon... please feel free to help a sister out and send me your empty bladders! ;)

This particular empty one was sitting on my kitchen bench for ages, just like this, with the bladder extended and poking out to say hello. After looking at it for ages and letting the image swim around in my mind I decided to draw it to discover why I found it so interesting as a composition. 

"GET YOUR INSIDE OUT!!!" Is what it was screaming at me. Objects actually do speak that loudly to me... Yes I know I'm a bit loopy. I thought it was funny to contrast this loud teenage pitched voice with the text on the box describing this product as Refined and Elegant Wine. HAHA as if.. 

I am not elegant. I am not refined. I'm just a box with a bladder that needs to hang out more often. 

So, my wisdom for the day is that we all have one. Get it OUT! x


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