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Imperfect Circles

La Madonna at Breaking Point // or A Death in the Family

There have been many circles present and appearing in Collemacchia since I arrived last week to undertake this two-week residency at The Museum of Loss and Renewal. I’ve been using them in my process to help guide intuition and feeling, and in turn have been guided towards them in this beautiful Italian national park. In Chinese culture the circle is very close to perfect although what I believe is that absolute perfection exists only in imperfection. In my own body house I’m constantly pulled between circle and square, east and west, heart and head. What I am beginning to recognise is that this is not only ok; it is beautiful and also necessary for me to function fully. I am a multicultural baby, an intersectional woman and a global citizen and I am trying as best as I can to express this experience through my art. 

The circle as cycle has been a very strong reminder to me that life and death are very much interlinked and no matter how fast we run, they cannot and will not be separated. Through my works on this residency I have performed several personal rituals to actively grieve and morn for certain loved ones. I won’t go into detail here, as I’ll save it for when I’m ready to exhibit this body of work. However what I will invite you to know is that when I was less than two I had a little brother named Sebastian Fong who died of S.I.D.S (sudden infant death syndrome) at the age of 8 weeks, on Mother’s Day.

Over the past wee while I’ve been exploring through grief counseling the many ways in which this loss, event, experience and tragedy has sent ripples through my family and through my body and has formed us all in very unique ways. I can’t change this fact. Nor am I trying to, but what I do wish to do is to let go. The beauty is what I am seeking; the gold in the glue (as my wife would say). This drawing titled La Madonna at Breaking Point or A death in the Family is a tribute to Sebastian, to my incredibly strong and beautiful three siblings Rebecca, Oliver and Samuel, and to my Parents Theresa and Lancelot who not only didn't break, but continue to love and inspire all those whose paths they cross. 

Thanks for reading, Em x


If you would like to learn more about this residency program and the wonderful roaming art practice of Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen of The Museum of Loss and Renewal, you can find them at www.tmolar.org.

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