With this blog, my aim is to post a slather of ideas, lines, colour and inevitably a little bit of babble. I would like it to be a place where Architecture meets Art, falls in love and procreates. This is my passion, brilliant, unguarded and unafraid.

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Dancer of the Day


Adjustable Ballerina Card

Motion study, turned into a card.


2 Ballerinas - Adult Dance School, Bardon

On Wednesday morning of this week, my business partner Joannah Underhill and I went to visit the 2 Ballerinas dance school in Bardon. The morning was spent in an intermediate ballet class in which we sketched and researched our lesson plan for this saturday's Urban Art Binge class. 
What a rush! The mission to capture movement was both thrilling and frastrating at times. Though once we both surrendered our need to 'control' what we wished to capture the beautiful and free lines began to appear on our pages. You can see below that my sketchbook, although very rough, contains moments, movements and energy of the dancers. I then spent the afternoon in my studio mining though these pages to come up with a sort of chart of figures, poses and parts of routines. 
The trick I found was to go with the music and let the pencil/pen play with the repetition of the moves. I can't wait to go back with the class on Saturday. I'll post more sketches/ drawings like this over the course of the weekend. 
Dancers - StudyDancers - StudyDancers - SketchDancers - Sketch

Lightbox test

For my birthday this year I was given a beautiful handmade lightbox. I'm fascinated by movement and have thought for a while now that some of my drawings would be wonderful turned into small animations. I think this is the tool. Stay tuned!

Thanks A ♥


Testing MDF Board 

Testing MDF Board.. Primed with acrylic house paint. Image using oil and polychromos. I like the outcome, just waiting for it to dry.

Study - Verve Cafe Sketch to small oil painting.Study - Verve Cafe - Oil and polychromos pencil on MDF board.


Body beautiful

A moment in time.

Watercolour and polychromos on paper


Comfort of Home

Today I am sad. That's the best way to describe it. I received news that a family friend has passed away, a man too young to be taken. My heart goes out to the L Family. I'm painting home to take my mind off it. I'm painting because that's what I do. I'm painting because I am happy and alive and healthy. Life is too wonderful. Live it to the full. Thank you to all of you who visit my blog and enjoy my art. 



Speaking of Home..

There's a beautiful orange tree outside of my home which is the most prolific fruiter around this time of year. I took a moment to sketch it out this morning.. before the rain! The skins are slightly brown though I'm happy with that. It serves to ward off tempted locals, that said, if you're one of those locals of which I mention here, pick you plenty. There's so much to go around. Some delicious snappy shots of juice-making here. x


Portrait of Home

I've recently created a service of illustrating HOMES. If you are in ♥ with your home or would like to give a special gift to someone you love, then contact me about commissioning a piece in either oil or watercolour. A4 sized Portraits of Home are $400 plus postage unless you're a local Brisbane resident, in which case I deliver. 

Guelton Home, Lys-lez lannoy. FRANCE


Qantas Flight - Tsv to Bne